In Jewelry: A Collection of the Hottest Jewelry News

What’s new in the world of jewelry? Here are hot news items culled from various fashion, entertainment and jewelry sources from around the world.

  • Fall jewelry colors: bright and warm. Fall jewelry colors will contrast brighter-than-usual warm colors against versatile neutrals. Some “in” colors include Phlox (deep purple), Orchid Hush (gray with orchid undertones), Deep Teal (watery blueish green), Quarry (cool medium gray) and Cedar (midtone neutral green), Nougat (warm tan), Emberglow (bright warm orange), Bamboo (warm yellow with greenish undertone), Coffee Liqueur (rich creamy brown) and Honeysuckle (Awarded “Color of the Year” for 2011 by color technology company, Pantone).
  • Real jeweler visits “Real Housewives.” Real-life jeweler Erica Courtney appeared on the October 3 episode of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Courtney did a walk-on to show housewife Camille various glittery gems she could wear to the Tony Awards.
  • Celebrities gaga over cocktail rings. Celebrity Jewelry Gawk observed that today’s hottest celebrities are all about cocktail rings this season. From large, ornamental designs to more delicate feminine styles, cocktail rings are being seen on the red carpets of the world.
  • Survey reveals most consumers prefer to sell to a jeweler. Most consumers prefer to sell their unwanted gold at local jewelry stores, according to a survey by MVI Marketing’s Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council. The survey found that 60 percent of people who sold gold did it at a local jewelry retailer, while 14 percent sold their gold through a television offer. Only 10 percent sold their jewelry at a one-day event.
  • Company claims it can determine origin of diamonds. Texas company Materialytics claims it can determine the origin of a diamond with 95 percent accuracy. Materialytics uses lasers to determine the chemical composition of a mineral, then matches it against a database of that object’s properties. The company does not yet plan to market its technology, but there is much interest in the industry, in part due to its impact on the blood diamond trade.
  • Citizens in Southwest Alaska voted to prevent the construction of the Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay. The ballot vote was conducted by mail among residents of the Lake and Peninsula borough. Residents voted 280-246 against building the mine. The Pebble project is controversial because critics say it will destroy the surrounding salmon habitat, along with the long-standing fishing business that goes with it. Jewelers including Zale and Tiffany support anti-mining efforts. The Pebble Partnership and the State of Alaska view the initiative as unconstitutional since it covers state-owned lands, and will challenge it in Alaska’s Superior Court.

Top 3 Fashion Tops for Summer

The season of summer is upon us and new and exciting fashions are popping up everywhere we look. Not everyone is a fashion guru and if you are having trouble keeping up with the latest trends, we can help! Everyone wants to look their best, and take advantage of the latest trends that flatter their figure. The women’s fashion industry can be confusing as it changes on a daily basis, but within this article we are going to discuss and outline for you the top 3 fashion tops within the industry today. Fashion tops are essential in anyone’s closet because they can be worn with just about any chosen bottoms, making it a very versatile fashion piece that can’t be missed.

1. Off the Shoulder Fashion Top: An off the shoulder fashion top is just that, it sits on the tips of your shoulders. What’s great about this style is that it can be changed in a flash! Any off the shoulder top can be worn so one shoulder is completely exposed and the other is holding the majority of the top’s material. This if course can be switched from shoulder to shoulder for a different style at a glance. Another style choice with this one fashion top is to wear it evenly between your two shoulders so a bit of each is exposed. Off the shoulder fashion tops can be found in solid colors as well as prints. Soft and breezy materials are the most common for the summer months of the year so you can be cool and you still have the option to layer if you choose.

2. Gauze Bubble Fashion Top: You may be familiar with the bubble skirt, but have you heard of the bubble top? Elan International clothing offers a gauze bubble top that comes in great pastel colors. It is the epitome of summer with its breezy materials and flowing design. For added intrigue, Elan clothing has provided ¾ length sleeves as well as buttons down the entire front of the top, not necessarily for function but for fashion. Bubble tops can be worn easily with skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and even leggings; the options are endless! It is also more than appropriate for office wear allowing you to utilize this fashion top in all aspects of your life.

3. Traditional Tank Fashion Top: We can’t end this article without mentioning the traditional racer back tank top. Even if you generally spend the majority of your days dressed in dressier clothing, there will come a day when you simply want to be comfortable, but still look good and this is where the traditional tank fashion top comes in handy. Elan clothing offers a wide variety of tank tops including the racer bank, the tube top, striped patterns, floral patterns, bright colors, pastel colors, cotton fabrics and silk fabrics alike. The options are endless which allows you to own dozens of the same style of tank in all different colors and designs.

Enterprise Application Management – Phases, Components and Role of Maintenance and Support Services

There are many enterprise applications like, Enterprise Resource Planning/ ERP; Customer Resource Management/CRM etc. are the applications which constitute the whole enterprise application set, which is required to conduct the integrated processes of the enterprise as whole. The idea to select, develop and implement an application in the enterprise needs proper planning and investigation before hand. This is because it involves huge amount of resources in terms of time, money and efforts.

Enterprise Applications Management directly contributes to the net earnings of the organization. The application life-cycle is divided in to two phases. First one is application development, which is then divided into application development and application deployment. Deployment or implementation whatever we call it is the period form where you can estimate the successful of your application. The second phase is maintenance and support phase. It includes the frameworks like SOM, COBIT etc.

But to develop an edge over the competitors, enterprises have to strive for continuous development tools like this one. It helps them keeping their name and status at the top by performing efficiently with no or minimum wastage of resources available to them. This phase of the conceptualizing the idea then developing, testing, implementing and feedback retrieval is called as application development cycle.

Every Enterprise Application Management involves testing before final implementation. During the testing phase inhibitions are noted and then corrected if any, to get down to the final implementation work. Once the implementation is completed, the employee feedback is recorded by the experts during the real-time work period. Enterprise Application Management thus can be said as a continuous process, leaving not even a single time error to be left in the system, since it could be fatal to the enterprise in long run.

There are four main components of Enterprise Application Management system and that are:
1. Application Development
2. Infrastructure Management
3. Application support
4. Quality assurance

The development refers to the initial conceptualization time, when experts try to find out the best possible application software for the enterprise within their specified budgets and controls. It includes functions like:

• Requirement engineering
• Development
• Re-engineering
• Migration
• Enhancement

Infrastructure management refers to the availability and management of the environment where the application would be set up. Infrastructure is needed for the establishment of any enterprise application for its implementation and maintenance. Its sub functions are:

• IT help desk,
• Desktop management
• DB administration
• Network management
• Server management

Application support refers to the set up required to allow the application system work in the enterprise in real. Without the application support unit no application or process can work at all. The main functions of application support system are listed below:

• Production support
• Maintenance
• Bug fixes
• Integration and
• Performance optimization

Every enterprise needs application support services to maintain, develop and Enterprise Application Management. For that a specified framework is needed without which the system development and application election and designing can’t be initiated. That environment is constituted of the following-

For Application development, enterprises require SCA and CMMi.

For Infrastructure management purpose COBIT and Six Sigma are required. For support purpose the existence of QA and COBIT like applications in the enterprise system is required. The tasks performed within the Quality assurance unit are Functional testing, Compatibility testing, Test automation and Performance engineering.

Why Start A Small Business Online?

If you are wondering why you should start a business online, it’s because you have the heart of an entrepreneur and are trying to find the open door to stick your foot in. You have many questions about how you should get started, costs, and if there is real money to be made online. I assure you that making money online is no fallacy.

No matter if your desire is to gain a supplemental income, or a full-time income, this can be achieved by working online using the proper applications. Surprisingly enough people are blind to the actual amounts of income that are generated from this everyday tool. As you know the internet today is a product of necessity, and that is how we will use it, to meet the need of the consumers.

Anytime you can peak a person’s interest or desire in a product, you have essentially made a profit from that effort. That is why making an online business successful is so easy, your projected audience is in the millions, and your ability to reach that audience is limitless.

To become one’s own boss is an attribute that everyone possesses. Ambition and motivation are the factors that set the chain of events into motion. Getting started is where the majority of your focus and efforts will be concentrated. There are many different avenues of income online, you just have to choose the right street to follow. You can find blogs to market products, post ads in classifieds, or simply sell your items online. Low start up cost online is one of the keys to opening the door to a profitable business. You can realistically get your project up and running overnight with little to no cost to you.

If you have decided that entrepreneurialism online is for you that is a life changing decision. Being your own boss and making a living online has never been easier. You can work from the comforts of your own home, office, or your condo on the beach from your laptop while you get a tan. If you apply yourself in the beginning by investing your time appropriately you will be up and running in no time. If you plan on working full-time online and quitting your day job this could happen in weeks rather than months or years. Good luck to you on your quest and may prosperity find you!